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Geauga County Park District
John Oros
9160 Robinson Rd, Chardon  Ohio 44024
Business Tel: 440-286-9156
Fax Tel: 440-286-1285
About Geauga Park District The quality of life in Geauga County is inextricably linked to clean air, clean water and open space. The same natural features that attracted westward-bound pioneers continue to exist in parts of the County today, making the area equally attractive to homeowners seeking a haven from the pressures of the modern world. Since 1961, Geauga Park District has worked to ensure that the most delicate ecosystems and the best park sites in the region remain protected from development while providing county residents the opportunity to enjoy the out-of-doors in a safe and wholesome atmosphere. As early as 1959, members of Geauga County's League of Women Voters and local garden clubs were concerned about the increasing rate of new construction in the area. If residents wanted to conserve the region's natural areas and provide protected habitat for its native plants and animals, the time had come. Encouraged by the success of nearby Cleveland Metroparks, League members created a park committee to study the needs of the county and the possibility of establishing a park district of our own. Geauga Park District was established in August 1961 under authority of Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code by Probate Judge Robert B. Ford. The first interpretive programs, a series of bird walks at Punderson State Park, were held in 1962; the 4-acre Woodin Road Park became the first park operated by the fledgling Park District in 1964. Since that time, Geauga Park District has grown steadily. From woodlands to wetlands, meadows and gently burbling streams, Geauga Park District now manages approximately 10,000 acres in 19 open parks, other preserves and future parks. These reservations are usually large undeveloped tracts of land devoted to conserving and preserving the forests, grasslands, marshes, geological features, rivers, lakes and ponds of the county; all are populated with abundant wildlife. Prime consideration is given to protecting natural aesthetic values and scenic landscapes. Amenities are provided on a small percentage of the land for passive recreational use, providing the opportunity for residents to enjoy the natural resources of the parks without diminishing their quality for future visitors. Hikers appreciate Geauga Park District's extensive network of trails, enabling visitors to learn more about native plant and animal life. Programs offered by Geauga Park District are designed to increase the public's knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage of the county. Throughout its history, Geauga Park District has remained committed to preserving the natural beauty of this corner of the Western Reserve. With the combined efforts of local residents and conservationists, these lands will remain as natural treasures for generations to come. The mission of Geauga Park District is to preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County and to provide outdoor recreational experiences to our residents of every age, every ability and at all times of the year. Geauga Park District was established in August 1961 under authority of Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code by Probate Judge Robert B. Ford. Its first interpretive programs, a series of bird walks at Punderson State Park, were held in 1962. At just 4 acres, Woodin Road Park became its first park in 1964.
Geauga County Public Library, Middlefield Branch
Rachael Hartman, Manager
16167 E. High Street, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 440-632-1961
Fax Tel: 440-632-1407
Public Library serving the general public as well as the business community.
Geauga Growth Partnership, Inc.
Tracy Jemison, President
12373 Kinsman Road, Suite 106, Newbury Ohio 44065
Business Tel: 440-564-1060
The Geauga Growth Partnership works to retain and grow jobs, contribute to business growth and strengthen the local economy. The Growth Partnership is a business led organization whose mission is to assist our business community in growing their businesses. The Partnership is also engaged in attracting businesses to locate in the Geauga County area. The Partnership has several task forces that include Health Care, Entrepreneur, Education and Power Quality.
Geauga Safety Council
Susan Richards, Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 801, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 440-969-1802
Fax Tel: 440-242-0525
Safety Council organization for education in cooperation with BWC.
Geauga Vision
John Bruening, President
14901 N. State Ave., Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 4406321695
Fax Tel: 4406321695
We provide you and your family with all your optical needs. Family owned business serving the community.
Gerbasi Signs
James Gerbasi, Owner
6474 Ledge Rd, Thompson Ohio 44086
Business Tel: 440-343-4818
Signs, banners, logos and more
Gold Key Processing, Inc.
Lori A. Smith, Human Resources Manager
14910 Madison Road, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 440-632-0901
Fax Tel: 440-632-0929
We are a custom rubber compound mixing facility.
Good News Newspapers
Toni Richmond, Owner
P.O. Box 95, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 440-632-0130
Fax Tel: 440-632-1252
Publishing newspapers weekly that cover Geauga and Portage and surrounding area 41,950 papers weekly, direct mailing 33,582. Serving businesses since 1933.
Grace Tree Service, LLC
Phil Smallwood, Owner
15264 Lake Street, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 440-632-1369
Fax Tel: 440-632-1369 (call first)
Aerial access rental
Great Day Child Care Center
Gary Cox
14810 Madison Road, Middlefield Ohio 44062
Business Tel: 4406321832
Fax Tel: 4406321832
We are proud to serve both the communities of Middlefield and Madison. We feel that we offer a very positive environment for your child to grow. The social atmosphere along with our dedicated staff will make every day a Great Day for your child.